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"Even coaches have coaches. It’s something I tell every one of my clients. When they ask if I have a coach my response is usually, yes, several. I have a training and nutrition coach. And, I have business coach. The amazing things about working with Greg this past year is that it has been a different experience entirely allowing me to focus on the bigger picture of my business. He’s helped me approach my business with heart rather than scarcity or fear. Building a new brand around myself or rather, creating a focused brand for myself. He’s helped me take these crazy, off the wall ideas, or at least how I was thinking of them, and instead, turning me towards taking measured steps in creating progress on my projects. I have so many things going on in both business and regular life that it can be quite a task to get everything in line to be accomplished. But, I feel like it’s been coming together and the business numbers and the household are all responding the way I’d hoped and needed them to. I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Greg and can’t recommend him enough to those who are looking for a business coach.​" - Dr. Stacia Kelly 

"I have absolutely loved being coached by Greg so far… And I say so far, because why would I stop when I am getting so much out of this coaching experience!  Greg is intuitive, incisive and inventive in his coaching. I feel like Greg has my back, he’s supportive while ensuring that I push myself and hold myself accountable to what I’m capable of. I especially love the way that he is able to create space for me to step back and see the bigger picture. His use of visioning and centering to get me there is first class.  I can’t wait for more coaching sessions to come." - Kate Wiggins Owner, Kate Wiggins Wellness

"Having Greg as a coach meant a lot to me, since he is an amazing professional who knows how to bring out the best of his clients. A most remarkable skill of Greg is that he empowers clients to the utmost extent. His skills as a coach are enhanced due to his background as a pastor. He is empathetic, emotionally intelligent and knows how to work with his clients, not to mention that to coaching a coach requires a higher degree of competency and commitment." - Arjeta Spahiu CEO, Advoco Solutions